10:30am Foreign Update You Need To Know This Morning

Good Morning! Here are the live latest news we gathered this morning across the world.

10:30am Foreign Update You Need To Know This Morning

Azeri fire Armenian military unit – Armenia

According to report, Armenian military unit in the border town of Vardenis, which is miles away from the breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh region, got forced fire from Azeri armed forces.

The Armenian defence ministry said, the region has been the focus of clashes in the past days.

A statement report that civilian bus caught fire after being hit by an Azeri unmanned drone.

But, Armenia denied an earlier report by Azerbaijan’s defence ministry that the Armenian

army had shelled the Dashkesan region on the border between the two countriesAze.

Amnesty bank account frozen in India halt work

Work halt in India following the harassment by the government of Prime Minister, Nerendra Modi, as Amnesty International bank account frozen.

Due to continue crackdown, the human rights watchdog said the bank account of its India branch has been frozen by the right-wing government.

They accused the government of ruining an “incessant witch hunt” campaign against human rights organisations over “unfounded and motivated” allegations.

But the group explained that it has been facing a crackdown over the past two years over allegations of financial wrongdoing that it said were baseless. While the bank accounts were frozen on September 10, the group said as these halt work in India.

David Daoud re-sentenced for plot to kill Pamela Geller

A man name David Daoud Wright ordered to 30 years in prison for conspiring to kill Pamela Geller, an anti-Muslim public figure.

He was originally sentenced to 28-years in prison in 2017 but was ordered to be sentenced again by a different Boston federal court judge after an appeals court last year overturned one of his convictions.

But he remains convicted of conspiracy to commit acts of “terrorism transcending national boundaries”.

But, David Daoud Wright re-sentenced again for a plot to behead blogger and anti-Muslim public figure name Pamela Geller on behalf of the ISIL (ISIS) group will serve even longer behind bars after he was sentenced for a second time on Monday.

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