3 Important Reason For Doing Sinus Lift

Sinus Lift

What is Sinus Lift

Sinus Lift define as a surgical procedure that point to increase the bone in the posterior maxilla, in the premolar and molar teeth area, by lifting the lower membrane and placing a bone graft.

The bone added between the jaw and the maxillary sinuses, located on both sides of the nose.

Meanwhile, the sinus lift meant to make more room in the back, upper jaw area of the mouth. If there is a lack of teeth in this particular space, the bone mass could face a significant reduction in volume.

Once this happened, it will make the sinuses more susceptible to sag and making the likelihood of a successful implant abysmal.

This article is explaining some vital things to know about sinus lift and will be going to list out the types of sinus lift.

Types of Sinus Lift

There are two main techniques for performing sinus lift: Osteotome (vertical) technique and lateral window technique (LWT).

Lateral Window Technique

This technique called a direct sinus lift as the sinus membrane lifted to make room for the required amount of bone taken from another part of the patient’s body.

Gum tissue is cut into to expose the jaw bone during the procedure, which is then cut into to create a trap door of bone hinged at the top.

After the whole process, the dental implants placed 4 to 9 months later, which gives the bone graft time to mesh with the bone.

Osteotome Technique

This sinus lift incorporates the osteotome approach, whereby it elevates the sinuses as the dental implant placement immediately follows it.

Now, the procedure can begin with a small hole made in the jaw bone. And the bone grafting material is then placed between the jaw bone and the sinus floor, increasing the space between them.

Sinus LIft

Why would I need a Sinus Lift?

So many reasons attached to this question and why someone might need a dental sinus lift procedure. These include:

  • The bone height of the upper jaw is too short.
  • The sinuses are too close to the jaw itself.
  • Dental implants need to place.

These three points is very important as it is the main reason why need sinus lift. There are suggestion that we need to see doctor if we detect the sinus lift in us, and is only a dental professional that is very much aware of your circumstances and needs.

Going to the doctor for these is the best option without going to an unprofessional doctor. Everything can be a perfect shape once the sinus lift is well operated. 

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