5 Successful Businesses you can quickly do to make profit in Nigeria

If we look at the rate of unemployment in Nigeria today as it keep increasing everyday, one will know that the best way to survive is to start a business.

There are a lot of business you can start in Nigeria and will yield to great profit…also by creating the business others will be benefited from it too. To get you a better perspective, here are 10 business you can start and make profit.

1. Laundry/Dry cleaning

Laundry business is a great one and most people preferred to use dry cleaner than washing clothes or ironing by their-self, it easy to start either by small scale or you want it in big way, all depend on your pocket.

2. Creche, Nursery and Primary School

Education is a necessary door that every Nigerian must pass through one way or the other. You can start your own either by getting a rooms with enough ventilation to make the place conducive for the children.

The best area to start from is through Creche, because is easy to start and gradually you can move into Nursery section.

3. Rice Farming

Rice is the most consumed food staple in Nigeria today and Billions of dollars go into importation of Rice yearly.

Most people preferred Foreign Rice than Nigeria local one, because the local farmer here are unable to meet up with the demand duel to poor funding and limited knowledge.

You can start Rice business with few millions in a place like Ebonyi state where the land farming is favorably to the crop, if you can start from local and make sure you de-stone it well, then you can be sure to grow and make good profit.

4. Plantain Chips Making

Plantain chips making is one of the simplest business you can start with low amount, on major streets in most Nigeria cities, you can find a shop or you sell to consumers to keep their mouth busy and make their stomach filled during traffic.

If you engage in business of producing and supplying plantain chips, you will be making a good money as everyone like eating it, what you need to do is buy ripe and unripe plantains, a big frying pan, a small sealing machine, nylon and labels, and others utensils and you are good to go.

5. Professional Car Wash

Car wash business is a nice work that one can start, which is offering outdoor services to clean the interior and exterior of automobiles.

This business is good if you can set it up at a strategic location in a populated state where there are a good number of cars and low competition with other car washers.

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