5G Network To Launch In 15 Cities In December – Orange France

5G Network in French Municipalities

The new development announced by the Orange France to launched 5G network in 15 French municipalities, in December, 2020.

Those cities include Marseille, Le Mans, Nice, Angers and Clermont Ferrand.

This 3.5GHz 5G network launch brings speeds up to three to four times faster than 4G to meet changing customer needs by end of the year.

With the reports, it was revealed that only 3.5GHz frequencies allow a true 5G experience. Now, Orange France is indeed fulfilling its role of a leading operator by providing the best possible support for the evolution of French consumption patterns.

It will allow them to benefit a lot and best possible network quality, even in the densest areas.

5G network will be more powerful lever for competitiveness by contributing to the digitization of French.

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