9am Coronavirus Update You Need To Know This Morning

According to report, 93,337 new COVID-19 cases confirmed in India

GISTHUBCITY new update, over 30 million people across the globe have been diagnosed with the deadly virus called novel coronavirus and 949,686 have died, while 20.7 million people have recovered so far.

Here are the latest summary updates:

93,337 new COVID-19 cases confirmed in India

Coronavirus pandemic has been hitting India recently but they maintained its surge in virus cases, the new cases confirmed infection is 93,337, while deaths in the past 24 hours is 1,247.

According to report, health ministry raised the nation’s caseload to more than 5.3 million. and the total of 85,619 people have died.

Reporting of highest infection in India as been rising in the world every day, going to six weeks now, and its expected to become the pandemic’s worst hit country within weeks over US.

Leader of Canada’s opposition party tests positive

The new leader of Canada’s main opposition party, Erin O’Toole, has tested positive for Covid-19.

His family tested negative and Erin O’Toole is feeling well, the conservative party said.

New UK lockdown likely sooner rather than later

The United Kingdom has been battling with the novek coronavirus, but is likely that Britain need to reintroduce some coronavirus measures sooner rather than later because the virus keep rising…says by the former senior government health advisor.

“I think some additional measures are likely to be needed sooner rather than later,” Neil Ferguson, a professor of epidemiology at London’s Imperial College told the BBC news network.

IRFU chief: The professional Rugby could disappear

Report claim that, IRFU chief Philip Brown said, the professional rugby in Ireland could be disappear if fans cannot return to stadiums in large numbers amid the Covid-19 raging.

While the Irish union suffered some losses exceeding 30 million euros ($35.51 million) over the novel coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

But Brown explained that despite trying all the possible means implementing cost-cutting measures, including pay cuts of up to 20 percent and job redundancies, the union’s financial position is not sustainable.

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