A Lady Shows Off Her Big Butt As She’s Willing To Give That To Wizkid

Uche Okoye, a Nigerian lady with big butt on Instagram has hereby voiced out to expressed her feelings, love toward starboy Wizkid by saying i don’t mind giving my butts to him.

With the expression, does that sounds to be real love or let’s say she’s willing to let Wizkid have that since she admire him.

The Nigerian lady with big butts has more than 60k Instagram followers, and she also revealed that she wasn’t paid to speak good of the singer, that she just likes him.

I don’t mind giving Wizkid my butts, she says.

I don’t know what he did to me, but I just like him. I have been liking Wizkid since way back when I was in secondary school” she said.

I don’t mind giving that to Wizkid” she said as turned to she show off her butts

Watch the video below…

But, there is no reply from Wizkid since the lady posted the video on Instagram to expressed how she felt for the Nigerian super star, Wizkid.

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