American Hostage Kidnapped In Niger Free By US Forces

American Hostage Kidnapped In Niger Free By US Forces

From the latest development. reports revealed that, American forces rescued a US citizen held hostage by armed men in northern Nigeria during a raid.

The raid was early on Saturday, when the American forces rescued those hostage, the Pentagon said.

“Jonathan Hoffman, the Chief Pentagon Spokesman said, the American hostage is safe and is now in care of the US Department of State.”

He added that, none of the US military personnel were injured during the rescue, and everyone is safe.

ABC News reported that Philip Walton, 27, an American missionary, had been abducted from his home in a small southern Niger village, close to the border with Nigeria, on October 28, this was revealed as the Pentagon did not identify the rescuesd person.

But, the American President Donald Trump has called it a “big win for our very elite U.S. Special Forces” in a tweet and also said more details would follow.

Issoufou Katambe, Niger’s defence minister said Mr Walton was abducted on Monday night on the outskirts of Massalata, a village about 10 kilometres from the border with Nigeria.

The kidnappers called the man’s father to demand a ransom this week, but the family did not confirm this, and this was reports by Local officials.

Mr Walton had been living in Massalata with his wife and child for two years, according to his father, who himself has been in Niger for nearly 30 years.

Several westerners are currently being held hostage in the region with the vast Sahel region, which is struggling with an extremist insurgency that has claimed thousands of lives and driven hundreds of thousands from their homes.

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