APC Crisis Must Not Bring Down The Party, Says The President

The Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari told the (APC) Governors on Friday to ensure that the party got back Edo State Governorship in September elections.

After Obaseki left APC to PDP duel to the irreconcilable dispute between the two culminated in the disqualification of the governor from contesting the party’s primaries and seeking re-election on the platform of the APC which got APC into crisis.

The President order the governors to mobilize themselves and do all the imperative things to make sure that Edo does not remain in the hands of opposition side, which is Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

He included that Ondo state must be maintain by the governing party in the forthcoming election.

President Buhari said he was disappointed that a serving APC governor could be driven to the extent of departing from the party and join the opposition side.

Loyalty should be to the party rather than individuals, says by the president.

The crises in the party would lead to its disintegration. He had, therefore, admonished all litigants in the party to withdraw all pending litigation against one another, and settle for internal conciliation.

Our priority now is to focus on the larger picture and place more emphasis on uniting the party and gain our ground back.

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