Boko Haram: Many Nigerian Soldiers Killed By Bomb Donates At War Front

Boko Haram bomb
Reports. Many Nigerian soldiers and many terrorists have been killed during the battle with Boko Haram at the war front.

The bomb Boko Haram denoted got many killed, and unspecified figures of troops were also injured during the battle that happened at Boko Haram bases.

The battle occurred in Kidari, Argued, Takwala, Chowalta, and Galdekore.

Those involved in the battle are the Nigerian troops from Sector 1 and 21 Brigade and the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF).

Reports say Nigerian troops stormed the battlegrounds to face the terrorists and then opened massive fire despite stiff resistance by the terrorists.

All these later lead to suicide bombings out of desperation. They triggered improvised explosive devices to push the troops back.

Presently, there is no movement by civilians along the Maiduguri – as Gwoza road has been restricted to avoid collateral damages.

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