Boko Haram Sponsors Targets By Nigeria Military

As the Boko Haram keep terrorizing North side despite the fact that Military are not relenting on terrorists pursue, but the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) thursday said intelligence agencies, including the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and the Department of State Services (DSS) have launched a manhunt for the sponsors of Boko Haram and Islamic State of West African Province (ISWAP) terror groups to speed up end to the insurgency.

The military responsibility is to fight and defeat them but not to uncover the sponsors of the terrorist group.

Further more, Boko Haram insurgency was able to last longer to this extent because there financial and logistical offered to the terrorist and other terror franchisees by sponsors from within and outside the country.

According to report, there are some allegations that some stakeholders in the war have turned it to a thriving business and it make it hard to end the hostilities.

Coordinator of Directorate of Defence Media Operations (DDMO), Maj-Gen. John Enenche, said intelligence agencies had launched a manhunt for sponsors of terrorism in Nigeria and other foreign collaborators.
Eneche said even though the military was aware that the groups were being sponsored, it would not shirk in its duty to defeat the terrorists, adding that its priority is not to uncover their source of funding or sponsorship.

He said that there main concern and the duty of the NIA and DSS is to find out and disclose identities of those people behind the sponsorship.

“Our focus has been on arresting them and handing them over to intelligence agencies. We provide kinetic support.
“For sponsors, I would not say much because that is being handled at a higher level. Logical intelligence shows there are sponsors but that is beyond the military,” he explained.

Enenche said that collaboration of Nigeria military  and other security agencies would ensure the capture of the Boko Haram sponsorship.

I know and believe that we will get them very soon, just that we have to be more focus than before.

The intelligence processes are going on in order to track them down.

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