Bombs Planted At Capitol Protest In Washington – Acting US Attorney Said

According to the latest report from the Acting US Attorney Michael Sherwin, bombs were planted near the Republican and Democratic Party offices in Washington during the Trumps supporters protest in front of Congress.

Politico said, Those pipe bombs were real, had an explosive ignites, and timer. But we don’t know why they did not go off.

He added that those who planted and involved in the bomb in Washington near the two main US parties’ offices would be arrested and deal with severally.

The Electoral College votes were counted by the US Congress on Wednesday last week to approve the November 3 Presidential election results, after Donald Trump said the votes were a cheat. Trump called on his supporters to hold peaceful demonstrations after several US lawmakers protested the Arizona vote.

However, Trump supporters attacked the US Congress in large numbers and after clashing with security forces, and eventually made their way into the building and its various parts.

After the whole mess up, reports claimed that Trump protesters stormed the US Capitol building, destroying property and seizing the rotunda room, as Congress was trying all possible means to certify Democrat Joe Biden’s results’ Presidential victory.

The latest tally shows that four people have died and while 52 arrested in the wake of Congress’s violence.

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