Check Out How To Stay Safe And Look Good In A Face Mask

About six month since the coronavirus overtuned our lives to new dimension, the face mask has finally, unequivocally, arrived, until now, with all the findings made about the virus, is transmitted through the air, refusing to wear one is very dangerous and risky.

The hashtag wearadamnmask has been trending in the world since the coronavirus outbreak. though some people refused to wear the damn mask like the president of United State, Donald Trump and not until very recently when he first put on the face mask.

With the information GISTHUBCITY gather, many people don’t believe about the coronavirus outbreak but only those that fall victim can explain how the virus kills, that’s why many people are not using the facemask till now…especially in African.

The rules concerning Covid-19 is base on social distancing, using of face mask and hand sanitizer. There are many unanswered questions. Should I wear one at work? How do I communicate better while wearing one? Do I need to rethink my hair and makeup, and is this the end of the beard? We’ve answered these burning questions, and more.

Let’s see how to stay safe and look great in face mask.

Should I wear more or less makeup? And what should I do with my beard?

“This is just not the time for makeup on the bottom third of the face,” It’s better to keep the lower skin clean, fresh and moisturised.” She is forgoing foundation as well, dabbing concealer only where needed.

If going base-free is a bridge too far for you, try a facial self-tanner before bed instead. It evens tone, gives skin a healthy glow and doesn’t rub off. When your PPE comes on and off constantly for speaking and eating, makeup will ultimately just wipe away and dirty your mask.

Do I need a specialist mask?

Different types of mask offer different levels of protection, with the evidence on any, other than surgical masks, still emerging. Surgical grade respirators offer the highest level of protection, followed by surgical grade masks (also known as “medical” masks, ie those with several layers of protection).

However, these masks are costly, in limited supply, contribute to landfill and are uncomfortable to wear for long periods, so they are generally reserved for healthcare workers, or those at particularly high risk.

How can I communicate effectively through my mask?

“We process information best when we can see the whole face, rather than individual features such as eyes, nose and mouth separately,”

Women who already cover their faces with a niqab in public are used to all of these interactions.

“When you’re wearing a niqab, even your eyebrows are covered, so you use your eyes, your hands and your tone of voice to express yourself,”

You have to be cool when you are communicating with someone, don’t rush and make sure that you use body movement also in order to communicate better rather than getting yourself inconvenient.

How should I choose my mask: what’s the most flattering style?

Think of a face mask like the hat in a Christmas cracker. Embrace the good-hearted spirit behind it, fix your hair and keep your chin up.

Start by taking a long look at yourself in the mirror. A mask changes your face more radically than a new haircut or hair colour, or new glasses.

Try on any different masks you have, and experiment by holding paler and darker scarves around the bottom half of your face, to see which shades suit you and which make you look shadowed and tired.

Do I really need one?

Absolutely, according to Jeremy Howard, research scientist at the University of San Francisco, they have been analyzing mask-wearing data since February.

Unless you’re outside, and unlikely to spend more than five minutes in the company of someone closer than six feet, you need a mask.

“Masks and social distancing are our strongest tools in fighting the virus,” he says. “The virus is transmitted through droplets of saliva, so a mask will always decrease the radius of those droplets.

This is why opening pubs while the virus is still circulating is a terrible idea – you are usually talking straight at someone for a good length of time, so there’s a continuous spray of droplets. If you’re not wearing a mask, either indoors or out, you’re taking a huge risk.”

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