Chika Lann Defends Her Nude Pictures By Saying “A Woman’s Body Is An Artwork”

The Nigeria Lady popularly known by Chika Lann who claimed to be a N40 million hair worth, is an ex international model turn Nollywood film maker, has been dragged and insulted by some of her followers on social media, after she uploaded her nude pictures on Instagram.

Chika Lann defend her actions by saying a woman’s body is an artwork. meaning that what she’s doing is not really bad to her.

The shoot she took was spotted naked, on 30th of June 2020, while she posted it on her Instagram page with daring captions that got her fans to question her.

She said to her fans not to report her post anymore, instead you can Unfollow my page. “A woman’s body is a beautiful artwork” She added.

See her picture caption below:

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