Chioma Puts Her Hot Banging Body On Display In Just Her Underwear

The founder of the Boob movement, Abby Chioma Zeus, took to her Instagram page to put her banging body on display in underwear.

She captiond them while uploading those hot pics “If you real you gon’ stand out regardless 💎 ❄️ love my pussy fairly set from @cordon_intimates •”

Chioma who is found of promoting naughty visuals, is a South African-based Nigerian Model.

Also, in some of those photos she posted, she was pictured posing pantless in her kitchen while her legs were widely opened with a mug to cover her modesty.

Abby said she founded her initiative to get women to be comfortable with their breasts and realized that breasts make a woman, not just sexually, but in a feminine way, adding that it is an initiative to get both men and women to appreciate breasts of all types and sizes.

Chioma who often flaunt her big breasts out explain her motive towards that.

Abby went braless and left her jean jacket unbuttoned to expose her entire breasts. But she made sure to blur her n*pples.

Abby said she grew up hating herself for being gifted humongous mammary because her childhood peers saw her as having excess baggage and aptly taunted her to no end.

Fight delusion and depression, Abby said she has come to find out that her Mother Nature’s gift is a thing of pride and has thus boldly joined the campaign to encourage busty women all over the world to be proud of their gift.

she said, “I pride myself in normalizing all types of breasts: big, small, perky, saggy. In doing so, we expose breasts in hopes to break the social norms that are “showing female nipples is nudity”.

The movement is an advocacy platform she uses to educate women on reasons they need to be proud of their boobs.

The busty boobs influencer who has a huge following on Instagram noted that her boobs has been big since the age of 13.

According to her: “If you’re asking if my breasts are natural, yes, this is how I’ve looked since I was 13 years old. And I’m okay with it”.

In another boobs-related post she said the people who have a right to complain about her boobs are babies.

“The only people allowed to have an opinion about breasts are new born babies. I’ve never met a new born baby who has a problem with breasts”.

Abby Chioma Zeus disclosed reasons why men should love big boobs.

See her reasons below:

There are women who DREAM of a full cleavage every hour of every day! busty babes may not be able to button our shirts all the way to the top, but we’ve got something to makeup for it.

Who doesn’t love big soft boobies? Babies love them, straight men, gay men, teens, girls with small boobs etc.

Ever wondered why your man always falls asleep on your chest? That’s because tatas make the best cushions!

Be it money, a cigar, your phone, bank cards, candy ALL OF IT. It can all fit in your bra if it’s big enough.

You don’t have to say much! Your boobs do the talking. Just smile and agree with them.

Ever heard of the saying, ” Leave something to the imagination”? When you cover up big boobs, you leave a lot to the imagination. It’s a very alluring situation.

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