Covid-19: 1,007 New Cases Reports In UAE As Highest Since Outbreak

Covid-19: 1,007 New Cases Reports In UAE As Highest Since Outbreak.

According to report, 1,007 new cases reported in United Arab Emirates, as the highest daily number since the pandemic broke out.

More than 95,000 tests was conducted by the country and registered one death and 521 recoveries so far.

The United Arab Emirates reported 1,007 new cases of the coronavirus, its highest daily number since the pandemic Until last month, there had been a generally falling trend after the UAE’s new daily cases peaked to 994 in May, but numbers have surged from 164 cases on August 3.

German national boxing team infected with coronavirus

Coronavirus infection affects the entire German national amateur boxing team at a training camp in Austria.

Report claims that 18 athletes as well as seven coaches and supervisors affected with the virus, Michael Mueller, sporting director said.

“Fortunately, there are no serious cases. Some had mild symptoms such as sore throat while others felt nothing,” Mueller said

BioNTech propose expanding COVID-19 vaccine trial

Pfizer Inc and BioNTech SE proposed to the United State Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to expand the enrollment of their phases 3 pivotal Covid-19 vaccine trial to up to about 44,000 participants.

The initial target figure for the trial was up to 30,000 participants.

UK records 3,497 more confirmed cases of COVID-19

Report states that 3,497 new cases of coronavirus reported in United Kingdom, from the data published by the government, compared with 3,539 a day earlier.

While the government also revealed further nine new deaths from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Friday’s figure was the largest number of daily cases to be reported since mid-May, and Britain is to bring in a new ban on social gatherings on Monday in a bid to curb the increasing rise in infections.

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