Covid-19 Africa Update: New Cases, Death And News

Covid-19 outbreak in Africa -welcome to our blog

Hello and welcome to our online blog update about Covid-19 cases, Africa-focused update of the pandemic outbreak, over 10 million cases and over 500,000 deaths worldwide, according to figures compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

We will aspire to give you latest gist and update about the new thing as they emanate in the world. Real gist at your fingertips…

The Update of Covid-19 in Africa this morning.

According to report GISTHUBCITY gather through the latest figures published, all total cases worldwide is 10,302,052, while 5,235,813 recovered, overall deaths 505,505.

Lets see the new cases and deaths from the country below:

South Africa: 144,264 cases / 2,529 deaths

Nigeria: 25,133 cases / 573 deaths

Ghana: 17,351 / 112 deaths

Summary of Covid-19 news in Africa…

Brief News

– Friends gathering is allowed in South Africa but not at home during their lockdown.

– Kenya loses over $750m in their tourism revenue

-Nigerians contend with rising food prices amid Covid-19 pandemic

– Nigeria to ease curbs on inter-state travel and students

Africa being battered by Covid-19 outbreak

Total people classified as middle class: About 170 million out of Africa’s 1.3 billion people are now classified as middle class. But about eight million of them could be thrust into poverty duel to economy recession

Senegal president want to lifts Coronavirus state of emergency to protect economy

The Senegalese president Macky Sall on Monday said he had decided to lift a state of emergency over coronavirus to support the struggling economy, there is grow less than 1.1% this year due to fallout from the epidemic.

The growth was forecast at 6.8% in January 2020, but every business dive after the borders closed and a curfew and social distancing rules were inflict to damper the coronavirus outbreak.

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