Covid-19 Daily Cases In France Hit New Post Lockdown

New Covid-19 cases recorded in France on Wednesday is the fastest daily rate since May as figures showed, despite that president Emmanuel Macron again ruled out imposing another national lockdown in the country.

The figures for the cases in France is 3,776 as new Covid-19 infections on Wednesday, making a new post lockdwn peak and bringing the total to 223,043 in France.

The health ministry said in a statement, all the indicators keep rising up and the transmission of the virus is getting stronger among all ages groups affected, mostly on young adults in particular.

It said the virus was especially active in and around Paris and Marseille, France’s two biggest cities

While some medical experts are afraid and worried about the impact of PSG fans wild mask less celebrations on the Champs Elyses in central Paris after their team reached the Champions Leagues final on Tuesday night.

Paris council officials are also concerned about large gatherings of fans expected on Sunday, when PSG will play the final either against compatriots Lyon or Germany’s Bayern Munich.

More than 16,700 infections have been detected across the country over the past week. However, the number of people in intensive care because of the virus remains comparatively low at 374.

Labour Minister Élisabeth Borne announced on Tuesday that masks would be “systematically” used in all indoor work spaces starting next month, including meeting rooms, corridors and open-plan offices – while her department emphasised that working from home would remain its recommended option for employees.

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