Covid-19 Update: Alarm Over Rise In Teen Pregnancies During Pandemic

According to the latest figures GISTHUBCITY gathered 18,093,891 cases have been detected worldwide, with 689,625 deaths and 10,700,077 people recovered.

South Africa: 511,485 cases / 8,366 deaths

Egypt: 94,483 cases / 4,865

Nigeria: 43,841 cases / 888 deaths

Brief News

Alarm Over Rise In Teen Pregnancies During Pandemic – Kenya

Evelyne Opondo, senior Africa regional director at the Centre for Reproductive Rights, said evidence of an uptick in pregnancies directly linked to the pandemic was still “anecdotal”.

However she believed the numbers are merely “the tip of the iceberg” as most girls do not seek proper ante-natal care.

She said teen pregnancies were likely increasing during the pandemic because girls were idle at home, or “engaging in relationships for survival”.

Some children get free lunches or free sanitary towels at schools, which will remain closed until at least 2021.

Being home also places an added burden on parents who may have lost their jobs.

Irony of decent funerals for rich as poor wail for respect

The virus, it seemed, did not care whether you were a wealthy Nairobi resident or a poor citizen trying to literally scratch off a living from the earth. Anyone could get it. And for a few short weeks, it looked like the gap that has constantly been expanding between Kenya’s rich and poor had been bridged.

Soon though, this emerged as just another wish. With time, the coronavirus has not only preyed on our inequalities, but it has magnified them at a time when the nation is most vulnerable.

Africa and Middle East Covid-19 tracker

At least 13 deaths and 556 new infections were reported in Algeria over the past 24 hours, according to a statement by the Health Ministry.

The death toll in the country reached 1,223 and the number of cases climbed to 30,950, including 20,988 recoveries.

Covid-19 catch-up

Here is a selection of some of the coronavirus-related stories that have been making the headlines over the last 24 hours:

– Ogun State Government slated for asking school children to pay for Covid-19 test

– Ghana’s health ministry reported 787 new coronavirus cases on Sunday

– South Africa accounts for more than half of all coronavirus cases on the continent

– Over 100 Nigerians evacuated from East Africa arrive home

– Kenya Airways resumes international flights after virus curbs lifted

– Ethiopian workers forced to return home, some with coronavirus

– Lagos eases coronavirus lockdown, reopening churches and mosques

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