Cubana Chief Priest Shows Off A Bottle Of Hennessey Worth N2M

Cubana chief priest

Cubana Chief Priest, the celebrity night owner, shows off a single bottle of Hennessy Paradis worth two million naira.

The luxury Hennessy bottle of the alcoholic brandy flaunts by the influential barman while partying at a rowdy club.

He shared a video on the Instagram handle, Cubana Chief Priest boast of being called the ‘Celebrity Bar Man’ for a particular reason.

“You better recognize, walked into a bottle of Hennessy Paradis, I No Be #CelebrityBarMan For Mouth, M Super Loved In Gidi 2 Milli In A F***kin Bottle. E Choke !!!! “┬áhe wrote.

Watch the video below:

Le Connaisseur disclosed this information on their website that the bottle of Hennessey cost N1.3m; that’s to prove that Cubana Chief Priest did not make up the price as drinks’ costs are higher in a clubhouse.

Hennessy imperial
Hennessy imperial

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