Date To Control The Pandemic In Rich And Poor Countries Sets – Bill Gates

Am optimistic about the situation of what the world is passing through. The American businessman and philanthropist, Bill Gates analyse in an interview in ‘Wired’ over the coronavirus pandemic.

The figure of Bill Gates has gained visibility during the coronavirus pandemic due to the investments that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which he directs with his wife, has made for vaccines, treatments and tests that seek to combat the virus. 

According to report from Wired, the founder of Microsoft narrate the way United States has managed the pandemic and the date on which he considers that the emergency will be overcome.

Despite the serious economic damage that the emergency has caused and the amount of debt that there is, Gates is still optimistic about the current situation over the pandemic.

For the rich countries to the world, to a large extent we should be able to end this coronavirus pandemic by the end of 2021, with the innovation and increase in the number of diagnoses, the new therapies and vaccines, all these made everything impressive, according to Gates.

The billionaire claims to be “surprised” by the situation in the country, since, in his opinion, there are the “most intelligent” people in epidemiology in the world. Still, he says, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have not been visible enough. 

Instead, he says, the White House and Dr. Anthony Fauci, adviser to Donald Trump’s government during the pandemic. They have basically been gagged from the beginning,” he says.

The American businessman criticized the way in which tests are done in the country, while the the tests in United States have been chaotic that made the actual effect tested small.

Potentially the effect is much greater than that ”. In addition, he described as “waste” most of the tests that have been done in his country.

Bill Gates, Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Alliance for Immunization and Vaccination and Serum Institution of India, on 7 of August, announced that they will manufacture and distribute 100 million doses of the future coronavirus vaccine in 2021.
The minimum cost for each dose vaccine is three dollars and will be delivered in 92 developing countries.

Gates also spoke of his mistrust about the rapid development of some potential vaccines, specifically China and Russia. “I bet that somewhere in the world there will be some vaccines that will come out if the review is complete,” says the businessman, who doubts the fast deadlines that are handled in some parts of the world against the drug.

The businessman asserted: “This is not the First or Second World War, but it is in that order as a negative impact for the system.”

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