Detroit 2012: Your Dream Acura NSX Concept

With the new development everyday, the original Acura NSX ceased production after the 2005 model year, but rumors continued to agitate for years that a Acura NSX was in the works.

There was announcement in the first place then subsequently canceling plans for a new NSX coming in 2010, but the company has introduced the NSX concept in Detroit a few years later.

While the Acura NSX concept featured the sleek lines of a supercar while remaining lightweight like the original.

Unlike the original, the Acura NSX concept featured an advanced powertrain consisting of a powerful VTEC V6 engine teamed with two electric motors that would provide perfect and excellent performance as well as super Handling All Wheel Drive.

Acura introduced the production version of the NSX, three years after the concept debuted, which did not change much from the concept. Presently the new NSX is still on roads today.

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