Do You Want To Stay-Skinny? See The Secret Behind It

Stay-Skinny Secrets of Women Who Never Diet

Many people wondered what they need to do to stay skinny and maintain the position….She eats an ice cream cone like no big deal. And you know she doesn’t always order salad, but she doesn’t have superwoman genes. So how is she so thin, and why doesn’t she have to go on a diet?

Have it in mind that diets don’t work, they fail all the time. So what’s the secret to getting and staying skinny? From getting plenty of rest to eating healthy to going out with the girlfriends, here are some rules your diet-eschewing pals live by—without having to think about them.

1. You have to drink water very well

2. Every day isn’t a special occasion

3. Try to talk a lot over dinner

4. Don’t waste more time on diet foods

5. Make sure to get your beauty rest

6. Let yourself off the hook

7. There is no bad food

8. Avoid diet soda

9. Experiment in the kitchen

10. Make sure to eat sugar smartly

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