Eight People Was Killed In Kabul – Car Bombing

Official of the Afghan revealed that a car bomb killed eight people and wounded more than 15 in Kabul on Sunday.

The latest attack hits the Afghan capital, while the violence is not the first one, as Kabul has been hit by a wave of deadly violence in recent months.

Taliban and government engaging in peace talks to end the country’s long conflict, but no changes yet as the violence still continue.

Interior ministry spokesman Tariq Arian blamed “terrorists” for the attack, and said casualties included women and children.

A reports claimed that the attack targeted lawmaker Khan Mohammad Wardak, said Interior Minister Massoud Andarabi.

Wardak survived the blast but is among the injured, another thing that is not clear is whether the explosive was planted in a car parked on the lawmaker’s route or if a vehicle with the bomb was being driven by a bomber, Andarabi said.

A security source said the car bomb detonated in the west of the capital, and a health ministry official also confirmed the blast.

The source said, the explosion was powerful which cause a lot of damage to house in the vicinity, while television footage showed at least two cars on fire.

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