#EndSARS: Nairaland Said Blocking Traffic Is Not Wise, Nigerians React

Oluwaseun Temitope Osewa, Nairaland Founder

Nigerians react to Oluwaseun Temitope Osewa, the founder of Nairaland, as he condemned the blockage of roads in the country by #EndSARS protesters.

This was disclosed on a tweet on Monday by Osewa. He said,“I don’t think it’s wise for ‪#EndSARS‬ protesters to block traffic. The struggle against armed forces brutality will be long and hard. You can’t keep the poor from earning their daily bread for much longer without losing their support.” 

After the tweet, some of his followers support him and while many kicked and disagreed with him, saying the blockade was for the benefit of the ‘poor people’.

A Twitter user said: “Who are the protesters fighting for, the rich? Do you know what you’re talking about? Do you think the rich cares? If the poor cannot sustain this momentary displeasure how do they combat poverty? Working for penury all their lives? Please redirect, except you’re part of the prob.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Block everywhere….na this I don’t care attitude put us for this one so….some people think because they have not been harrasssed its none of their business…this is not just an ‪#EndSARS‬ protest its ‪#EndBadGoveranceInNigeria‬ ….‪#EndSARS‬ is just a starting point.”

So many tweet to Osewa and here is another one by @adekemitog wrote, “We re fighting for the poor people invariably. Most of the celebrities in the fore front of this fight can afford basic amenities. It’s this same poor people that the govt is using to rig and vote during election. So let’s all suffer now so they won’t be poor in future.”

With all this tweet it shown that Nigerian youth want charge and have taken to the streets for more than one week now.

They are fighting for police brutality and reforms within the Nigeria police force.

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