Five Demands Of #EndSARS Protesters Met- Nigerian Govt

Thousands of Nigerian youth took to the street to protest against brutality before it turned to violence, but the Federal Government says the five demands of protesters met.

Lai Mohammed, the Minister of information and Culture, has made the claims during a stakeholders meeting with members of the Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria (BON) in Abuja.

He said #EndSARS protesters had demanded the immediate release of all arrested protesters, justice for all deceased victims of police brutality and appropriate compensation for their families.

The protesters requested that an independent body oversees the investigation and prosecution of all reports of police misconduct within ten days.

Then police salary also need to be increase for the risks involved in protecting the lives and property of citizens.

Lai said, “As you can see, ladies and gentlemen we met the five demands.

”The Federal Government was not only responsive but was also very responsible in its handling of the demands of the End SARS protesters” He claimed.

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