For Men: Bad Effects Of Chordee You Need To Know

We are going to disclosed the disease called Chordee which do normally happened with a man.

Let’s describe the word Chordee for better understanding, Chordee can be defined as a congenital condition (birth defect) resulting from abnormal development of the penis.

Penis usually curves download in Chordee, and the urinary opening may be on the underside of the penis (hypospadias).

According to reports, the causes of Chordee is not known up till now, but it is thought that during the baby’s development in the womb, more elastic tissue might develop on the top half of the penis.

But, there are other development that can lead to Chordee include:

  1. Abnormal development of scar tissue in or around the urethra
  2. Skin tethering, normally on the underside of the penis, making a straight erection impossible
  3. Circumcision done when a child’s penis is inflamed can also be a cause

Symptoms of Chordee

Base on this aspect, you may not notice any symptoms of Chordee, except during erections. And you can see a symptoms when penis curves downloads or upwards.

With this, it can make erections and sex quite difficult or impossible. Chordee may cause discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse.


Chordee is not for drug, but for effective reaction Surgery is the only other option, Doing surgery before the age of two is best idea to make it possible for the panis to grow and develop normally.

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