Gallery: Hundred Ethiopians Flee To Sudan Over War

The latest reports showed that hundred has flee war across a river into Sudan from Ethiopians, and the Sudanese officials explain that they are doing whatever they could to help the Sudden influx of refugees.

It was so sad with the reports as Ethiopians fleeing war in the norther Tigray region crossed a river into neighbouring Sudan, while some in boats, swimming, others wading through the water.

But, Um Raquba camp in the Sudanese brder town of Hamdayet is hosting 8,000 refugees. It was built in the 1980s and later closed in 2000s, then the camp was reopened back on Friday with space for 20,000 refugees.

Hundred Ethiopians arrived on Saturday with hundreds more crowded into the rocky bank of the Tekeze River.

The story of artillery attacks and shooting in the streets with fighting spilling over into Ethiopians’s Amhara state neighbouring Tigray was revealed by the refugees.

They added that, “We are hungry and we’re afraid that they will kill us,” said an old woman, referring to government troops battling the Tigray People’s Liberation Front.

During the time they were fleeing, one woman spoke moments after paying a sum of 30 Ethiopians biir ($0.80) to get her across the river, also women and children were seen swimming across.

One person drowned while trying to cross the night before. And now Sudanese officials were registering refugees.

“People are hungry and the flow of refugees is continuing but we have little to offer,” said Salah Ramadan, head of the border town’s administration.

Gisthubcity News reports hundreds of people have been killed since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed sent the national defence forces on an offensive against local troops in Tigray last week due to attacking federal troops.

Let’s see some photos below;

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