Goats Hijacked And Destroyed Police Vehicle In Broad Daylight

UK police officers are on the look out for anyone that can give them information base on the goats that hijacked a police car in broad daylight.

As they are in the hunt for some badly behaved kids who damaged their vehicle and are appealing for witnesses.

The goats were pictured standing standing on top the police vehicle near Newport on Wednesday afternoon August 19, when the police officers called to the area after an unexploded bomb from World War II was discovered, according to police.

The police called the Royal Navy Explosives Team, travelled from Portsmouth to help destroy the unexploded bomb.

The officers, after detonating the bomb then returned to their car only to find their car damaged by the ‘hooligans’.

The UK police officers now asking if anyone recognize the goats from the picture.

A police statement published in the police department’s official Facebook page said: ‘In a field on the outskirts of Newport what turned out to be an unexploded mortar from the second world war was discovered that needed making safe.

But our colleagues from the Royal Navy Explosives Team came across and made it safe.

‘Unfortunately whilst there a couple of “kids” caused damage to one of our police vehicles. If you recognize the offenders from the photo please let us know…’the police said.

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