Good Evening: Summary Of Covid-19 News In South Africa

All total cases in African and deaths so far…

South Africa: 264,184 cases / 3,971 deaths

Nigeria: 31,987 cases / 724 deaths

Ghana: 24,248 / 135 deaths

– Illegal wedding in Kwazulu=Natak got 25 people infected

The Times in South Africa is reporting 25 people were infected after attending the wedding that was organised in contravention of lockdown laws. 

Premier Sihle Zikalala said he was worried about the number of Covid-19 cases arising because of social gatherings. 

Despite the circulation of Covid-19 in the country, some people still went ahead for illegal wedding that got 25 people infected.

– South Africa to remain at level three

President Ramaphosa says that despite the rise in cases the country will remain at lockdown level three, because moving back to level four or five would not necessarily reduce the amount of  infections, but would hit the economy hard. He said moving back to a higher had been considered, but the decision is to stay at level three, with certain new, tighter measures. 

He emphasised the need to wear cloth masks for everyone.

– Curfew to start in South Africa tomorrow

A curfew will be brought in tomorrow, Monday, from 9pm to 4am. Only those people who need to travel for work or who need to seek medical assistance will be allowed out.

All these is to prevent the circulation of Coronavirus outbreak in the Country.

– Sale of alcohol prohibited again in South Africa

President Ramaphosa said that to conserve hospital capacity, the sale and dispensing of alcohol will be suspended with immediate effect

He said the resumption of the sale of alcohol has resulted in more pressure on hospitals, caused by vehicle accidents, violence and other alcohol-related trauma.

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