Good Morning: Today Summary Of Covid-19 News

South Africa Covid-19 keep rising

The number of Covid-19 confirmed cases in South Africa soar by 13,674 in a single day which is going bad, that is the highest figure since the start of the pandemic outbreak.

Overall total in the country is nearly 240,000 confirmed cases and over 3,500 deaths so far.

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize said the country could run out of available hospital beds before the end of the month.

The new WHO guidance calls for more evidence on airborne transmission

The WHO today released new guideline on how the Covid-19 is transmitted, reviewing some reports of airborne transmission but stopping short of confirming that the virus spreads through the air.

In its latest transmission guidance, the WHO acknowledged that some outbreak reports related to indoor crowded spaces have suggested the possibility of aerosol transmission, such as during choir practice, in restaurants or in fitness classes.

But the WHO said more research is “urgently needed to investigate such instances and assess their significance for transmission of Covid-19.”

Just 39 days to go from six to 12 million cases

According to report GISTHUBCITY gather, the total number of people worldwide confirmed to have been infected with the virus passed 12 million on Thursday.

In reality, because many people who have had the virus were asymptomatic or had mild symptoms and were never tested, the real number of people who have been infected with the novel coronavirus will be far higher.

The number of confirmed cases is triple that of severe influenza illnesses recorded annually.

From the initial cases being recorded in China in January it took 149 days to reach six million cases. It has taken just 39 days to reach 12 million cases from that point.

The death toll now stands at over 550,000. 6.6 million people have recovered from the virus.

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