Google Fines €100m and Amazon €35m By French Watchdog

A statement was revealed on Thursday as France’s CNIL data privacy watchdog fined two Google units a sum of 100 million euros and Amazon subsidiary 35 million euros over advertising cookies.

The fines were meant for having placed advertising cookies on the computer of users, that won’t obtain prior consent and without providing adequate information.

This cookie we are talking is a small piece of data stored on a user’s computer browser that allows websites to identify users and remember their previous activity.

But, the CNIL found the French websites of Google and Amazon as they didn’t seek the prior consent of visitors before advertising cookies were saved on computers.

Watchdog said that, Google and Amazon failed to provide clear information to internet users base on how the two firms looking for a way to make use of such online trackers and how visitors of their French websites could refuse any use of the cookies.

Further more, the both firms lack insufficient privacy and cookies information. CNIL also said Amazon had not provided clear or complete information about the cookies it placed on computers of users until a redesign in September 2020.

Google also stopped placing cookies on the computers of users without consent in September, CNIL said, but added it still does not provide a sufficient explanation for their use.

The 35-million-euro ($42-million) fine is on the Amazon Europe Core subsidiary. CNIL imposed fines of 60 million euros on Google LLC and 40 million euros on Google Ireland Limited.

Meanwhile, the financial penalty against Google is the biggest ever issued by the CNIL, said by the spokesman for the watchdog.

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