Group: The Major Cause Of Marriage Crashes In Nigeria Is Poverty

According to the women advocacy group, they made the assertion while addressing journalists in Ibadan on Monday, explaining that poverty and financial problem is the major cause of marriage crashes in Nigeria.

Ambassador, the president of the group, Olamide Talabi says the group is ready to provide shelter, psycho-social and financial support for thousands of women who have been abused by their husbands.

Talabi added that, many women who have been abused, victimized or molested in their marriages will find solace in the centres which would have branches across the country.

However, Talabi fringe by other members of the group among whom are a veteran journalist, Mrs, Caroline, Monica Taiwo, Adeneye and Mrs Nike Ajayi said most marriage collapse because of financial constraints and the inability of the couple to sustain the family.

At times when a man that is bringing money home is not bringing like before or stops, there will be probably a frictions in the family.

Therefore, we want to empower these women whereby they can take of themselves.

And the main goal now is to have a shelter home for abused women. These are women that are going through a lot of domestic violence at home.

“A lot of things that is causing marital crises is the financial problem.”

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