Guys check out 16 qualities of a perfect girl to marry

The qualities of a lady that young Nigeria guys looking forward to take home to mama before they can marry her.

What do you understand, or rather what is your definition of wife material?

Wife Material is a woman who is about her business. She is educated, can hold her own in a conversation, is generous but takes no shit. She will put your needs first and will give you breathing room as a man. She doesn’t always have to look like a supermodel either because when those looks fade, she will have something valuable like her wifely duties to back it up.
She cooks, cleans, handles money really well. She is wife material. Mind you no woman is perfect likewise a man.

For the purpose of this article, let’s quickly look at some point below:

1. A woman who honestly loves me even with all my imperfections.

2. All I need is trustworthiness and respect.

3. A woman without a record of cheating.

4. A woman who is intellectual, knowledgeable, and has common sense.

5. I’ll marry a woman that makes me laugh especially when I’ve had tough, bad days.

6. A woman who doesn’t lose her cool easily. I like them calm and collected.

7. A woman with whom I share a powerful sexual connection.

8. A woman who makes good decisions and is honest.

9. A woman I can argue with, without it turning into a fight, or affecting our relationship negatively.

10. A woman who values and respects my opinions.

11. A woman I can trust absolutely and completely.

12. A woman who is understanding, clean, sober, smart, and kind.

13. A woman who shares my values.

14. An ambitious woman.

15. A woman with high self-confidence.

16. A woman who can admit her mistakes.

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