Health Problem: What Does “Brain On Fire” Means.

I can say about 70% of people don’t know “Brain on Fire” due to most us relent in terms of health status and the complain is base on money, according to my research, it was revealed that 85% of Nigerians don’t go for medical checkup frequently not until they fall sick or have any health challenges.

Let’s see what “Brain on Fire” actually means and what is that disease.

A rare autoimmune disorder popularized by the autobiography and movie “Brain on Fire” is triggered by an attack on NMDA receptors. The disease occurs when antibodies attack NMDA receptors in the brain, leading to memory loss, intellectual changes, seizures, and death.

The body creates antibodies against the NMDA receptors in the brain. These antibodies disrupt normal brain signaling and cause brain swelling, or encephalitis. It can affect both men and women; however, is more common among women.

After the experience of the “Brain on Fire”, Scientists have now developed an animal model that may provide a path toward improving the diagnosis and treatment of the devastating brain disease chronicled

What causes burning in brain

Reports claimed that Neuropathic pain is caused by damage or injury to the nerves that now transfer information between the brain and spinal cord from the skin.

Not only that, it also transfer to muscles and other parts of the body system. While the pain we feel during that moment is described as a burning sensation and affected areas are often sensitive to touch.

The disease in people occurs unexpectedly when antibodies produced by the body’s own immune system attack NMDA receptors in the brain.

“It’s a human disease that we don’t know enough about,” Westbrook said.

Treatment of anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis can vary according to patient, but typically includes a combination of the following: First Line Treatment: Tumor removal (if tumor is present) Steroids.

It is advisable to see your doctor when you feel something like this, and stop self medication.

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