Hushpuppi Cyber Crime Facts Was Divulge By UAE Police

Details of Instagram celebrity Hushpuppi cyber crime was reveal by Dubai police on Thursday in a video, the security agency said they have been tracking Hushpuppi and his gang for about four months.

According to report, The scammed is about 1,926,400 persons from several parts of the world, and committed fraud amounting to 1.6 billion Dirham (N168 billion). Also, they arrested Olalekan Jacob Ponle called Woodberry with ten other persons in the operation involving six police SWAT teams.

A lot of Luxury cars worth 25 millon Dirhams were bought by Hushpuppi and his gang from money made from scams.

He posses as a businessman and real estate investor on instagram, his arrest took place on Wednesday, june 10th 2020, over a $35 million ventilator scam.

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