I Will Leave The White House If Electoral College Votes For Biden – Trump Says

Donald Trump

According to the report, while Donald Trump of Republican said to reporters on the thanksgiving holiday, i will leave the white house if Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden.

Donald has come to conceding the November 3 election, even he in the first place he repeated unfounded claims of massive voter fraud.

Joe Biden who is due to be sworn in on January 20, is declared as the winner for United State of America, but Trump said he will depart the White House if he formally declared the winner by the Electoral College.

When asked Trump whether he will leave the White if Electoral College votes for Biden, he said yes and i will certainly leave, and you know that.

He added by saying his going to be hard for him to concede due to there was massive fraud in the vote.

“It was a rigged election … at the highest level,” Trump insisted in a sometimes rambling discourse at the White House, while continuing to offer no concrete evidence of widespread voting irregularities.

This was the first time Trump has taken questions from reporters since Election Day, and at times he turned combative.

Joe Biden won the United State Presidential election with 306 Electoral College votes, which is more than the actual 270 votes required and Trump is 232, and the electors are scheduled to meet on Dec. 14 to formalize the outcome.

The Republican President, Donald Trump refused to fully acknowledge his defeat as he keep shouting on fraud, but earlier this week – with mounting pressure from his own Republican ranks – he agreed to let Biden’s transition process officially proceed.

All the Republican party efforts to overturn results in key states, either by lawsuits or by pressuring state legislators, have failed, and he is running out of options.

Electoral College will soon meet to ratify that outcome,” Michael Gwin, a spokesman for the Biden campaign, said when asked about Trump’s comments. “Biden will be sworn in as President on Jan. 20, 2021.”

Trump and Biden both stayed close to celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday as the Covid-19 pandemic raged across the country.

And Biden spent the holiday in the small seaside town of Rehoboth, Delaware, where he and his wife Jill have a vacation home. The Bidens are hosting daughter Ashley Biden and her husband Dr. Howard Krein for the holiday meal.

“I know this isn’t the way many of us hoped we’d spend our holiday. We know that a small act of staying home is a gift to our fellow Americans,” said Biden. “I know better days are coming.”

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