“I’m Not Depressed”, Rapper Kel Says Against Rumour About Her Mental Health

Rapper Kel blast at media outlets who wrote about her going through depression.

Kelechi Ohia, the Nigeria rapper popularly known as Kel has come out to dispel the rumours about her falling into depression.

“So I quoted my tweet last night about being exhausted and drained with an explanation that I’m alright cos apparently some blogs took it up as me being depressed and my friend called me to ask what’s wrong cos people had been calling and sending her messages asking the same,” she tweeted.

“Dear blogs, I am fine. I am not your recent headline. Kindly make enquiries with people that actually know me before jumping to foolish confusions.”

“If you’re trying to post about me, post about my music or my food business. Leave me out of your shadiness. Nonsense.”

“Now I gotta call my mother to explain to her that I’m not depressed before she reads about me being depressed when I’m not depressed,” she concluded.

“I’m emotionally exhausted. Totally drained. I’m tired of everything and everyone. Just tired,” she wrote.

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