Insurance Adjuster job: 3 Skills And Their Responsibilities

Insurance adjuster job
Insurance adjuster job

The Insurance Adjuster’s job is to investigate insurance claims to ascertain the liability for an insurance company. They inspect homes, offices, and automobiles, interviewing claimants and witnesses to determine the amount of money paid out.

The Insurance adjuster job comes with various job titles, such as claims specialist, independent claims analyst, claim representative, and the thing is that they all do the same work.

If you also have a good understanding of your claim’s facts, you may well have the advantage.

The Role of the Insurance Adjuster Job

Base on the role of the Insurance adjuster job, getting the proper types of Insurance is indispensable, and whenever you are dealing with insurance companies, it is vital to know how they work on your claim, as making a payment out is detrimental to their bottom lines.

However, the insurance company’s adjuster may try to keep your payment as low as possible, but you need to get this right that if eventually, you were not at fault in the accident or injury you reported, you are entitled to have all of your reasonable damages and expenses covered.

  • Say that the accident was your fault, either wholly or partially
  • Ask for a recorded or written statement
  • Have you sign a medical release
  • Offer a quick settlement
  • Delay payment on your claim

At times a claim is not handled by an insurance company’s adjuster but mostly referred to a firm of independent Insurance adjuster job employees to do it.

Three Skills of Insurance Adjuster Job

Insurance adjuster job needs soft skills than only technical one, though technical skills is a must as it includes a working knowledge of the law, construction, insurance policy content, interpretation and medicine, and some subject matter expertise specific to the claims they handle.

Either hard skills or soft skills are required to be successful. Let’s see some six soft skills needed for today’s claims professional.


The insurance adjuster’s job is to work with people under stress. They will never contact an adjuster unless misfortune had visited them.

They are stressed because they may be angry with whoever caused their loss, as they will take out anger, unjustly, on the claim professional.

Having soft skills possess empathy, and adjusters see beyond these factors, getting themselves in the proverbial shoes of the person who has suffered a loss greatly.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence involves reading another person’s mood and react appropriately. It is also a soft skill for successful adjusters facing some angry claimants, skeptical plaintiff attorneys—demanding bosses, abrasive coworkers, demanding vendors, and reluctant witnesses.

Time management

Time management is part of Insurance adjuster job skills, as is their scarcest resource and nonrenewable. Can anyone manage time? That’s the question. Some people can do that because time management is self-management, working productively, and making a great decision on a claim file to maximize the investment return.

Adjusters must have the skills to identify each hour and each day.

Insurance adjuster job

Insurance Adjuster Responsibilities:

  • Investigate property damage or personal injury
  • Gather information from sources, such as police reports
  • Prepare reports for use by Claims Examiners
  • Investigate questionable claims
  • Consult with specialists such as lawyers, engineers, architects, and physicians
  • Compile reports of investigation findings
  • Assist attorneys and other specialists when defending the company against contestation

Insurance Adjuster Requirements:

  • High school diploma for entry-level jobs
  • Bachelor’s degree in finance or related field preferred
  • Analytic mindset and good math skills
  • Competency with spreadsheet software
  • Experience with appraisal software
  • Detail-oriented
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills

Does insurance adjuster a good career?

Many insurance adjusters are entrepreneurial and can develop claims companies, hire adjusters, and grow a business in our stable, recession-proof industry. We are so confident that you will discover work as an insurance adjuster as it is one of the most rewarding careers for those who want independence and great pay.

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