Japanese Lawmaker, Yuichiro Hata Dies Of Coronavirus

Reports claimed that, a Japanese lawmaker, Yuichiro Hata died of Coronavirus, the 53-year-old is the first victim from the nation’s parliament.

Hata was a Transport Minister under the defunct Democratic Party of Japan.

Yuichiro Hata died at a Tokyo hospiatal on Sunday, Dpa reports.

The Secretary-General of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, Tetsuro Fukuyama said coronavirus was the cause of the Hata death.

And the official told reporters on Monday that Hata’s condition was critical after developing a fever.

Hata father was the late Prime Minister, Tsutomu Hata. But, Japan has now suspended the entry of foreign nationals until the end of January.

This happened after the discovery of eight cases of new Coronavirus strain first reported in the UK.

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