Job Offer: Real Estate Company And Chinese Herbal Product

*Activation Updates * The real estate company

20 Ladies needed for immediate employment in a real estate company on the island.
Pay is 50,000 monthly Interview will be held on Thursday 6th of August, 2020.
20 experienced sales Promoters needed for a Sales Activation
Brand : Peak Evaporated Milk

Chinese Herbal Product

Male and female brand ambassador are urgently needed.
Job description
Chinese Herbal Product
1. Slimming Tea
2. Supplements
3. Other health care product (but we’re concentrating on our slimming tea)
Minimum of 15 product a month.
Average of 30 and above attract 10% compensation
Any location of your choice. Either online or you market it out.
#5000 logistics
How To Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should
WhatsApp 08167164581 for job description on how to apply.
Note it’s subscribe to get job descriptions and also be added to the channel for unlimited job listings.

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