JUST IN: Jordan Castigate Assassination Of Iranian Scientist – UAE

According to the new reports, following the statement of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affair and International Cooperation said, it castigate the heinous assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, and this could to lead to fuel conflict in the region.

All the parties have been called upon to exercise maximum patients to avoid dragging the region into new levels of instability and threat to peace, UAE called.

With the current situation in the region explained, it was revealed that the statement carried by the Emirates News Agency.

And, “The state of instability the region is currently going through, and the security challenges it faces, drive us all to work towards averting acts that could lead to escalation and eventually threaten the stability of the entire region,” it stressed.

But Jordan have condemned the killing of the top Iranian scientist, and then called together for collective attainment to avoid an escalation that could caused tension in the Middle East region.

Fakhrizadeh, who headed the Iranian Defense Ministry’s Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research (known by its acronym SPND), was seriously targeted on Friday in a multi-pronged attack involving at least one explosion and small fire by a number of assailants in Absard city of Damavand County, Tehran Province.

Now, the assassination bears the clear hallmark of atrocities committed by the Israeli regime, and which already murdered a number of Iran’s scientist elites, Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s Foreign Ministry says.

Israeli has been suspected in the involvement in both the assassination and a July incident at Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility by the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, the country’s nuclear agency.

AEOI Spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi now said on Sunday that, it looks like Zionist regime has role in these matter. but no party has yet to be claimed responsible for the big atrocity in the region.

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