Kwara Assures Workers Of N30,000 Minimum Wage – Nigeria

Kwara Assures Workers Of N30,000 Minimum Wage – Nigeria

The Kwara State government has promised their workers of N30,000 new minimum wage, while Harriet Afolabi – Oshatimehin, state commissioner for communications pleaded with the labour to accept a more reasonable scale which takes the total bill to less than N3billion monthly.

She added that the planned staff audit and verification were part of the government’s efforts to reposition the public service in the state.

However, negotiations for the minimum wage continue on Thursday as the minimum wage is part of law now and the government will obey to it.

But presently, all the local governments combined earn an average of N2.6bn monthly with the 10 percent of their share of the IGR.

“Remarkably, the monthly wage bill of these local governments stands at about N2.5bn. These expenses are based on the extant N18,000 minimum wage”.

looking at it as the new minimum wage is considered, with the consequential adjustments, this new wage bill increase to N3bn.

Clearly, the earning of the local governments cannot afford such at this time.

We have to avoid a situation which will lead to the local government borrowing to pay salaries.

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