Lewis Hamilton Ready To Sign Three More Years Deal With Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton ready to commit to £180MILLION deal with Mercedes to stay in F1 for three more years, after he was fired up during lockdown.

The current contract will expires at the end of this season which going to be his 14th in F1.

He said he has not lost his appetite for racing ahead of this weekend’s British GP at Silverstone. And willing to keep fighting for more achievement in the industry.

“Also, we’re in a period where there’s not another driver from my background coming up at the moment, and I’m conscious of that as well.

“So my goal is to continue to deliver for as long as I can. I do see myself going for at least another three years.”

Even though, everyone is having issue with Covid-19 outbreak in the world, i will have to fight it and overcome any obstacle in front of me.

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