Live Update: Angolan Police Killed Teenagers Enforcing Virus Rules

Here is brief update of coronavirus pandemic across the world.

Teenagers got killed by Angolan police enforcing virus rules

Seven young men, including minors have been killed by Angolan security when violently enforcing coronavirus lockdown rules between May and July, Amnesty International said.

Most of the victims were teenagers allegedly shot dead by police and army officers, who either fired at them directly or hit the boys accidentally.

US Airlines to cut 19,000 jobs

19,000 jobs will be cut in American Airlines as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to weigh on air travel, unless the government extends aid for airline employee payrolls.

Airlines received $25bn in US government stimulus funds in March meant to cover payrolls and protect jobs through September.

Airlines and unions have lobbied Washington for another $25bn, as the money runs out without a travel recovery in sight, but talks have stalled.

Thousands of Swedes got false positive COVID-19 result due to test kit fault

The kit from BGI Genomics could not distinguish between very low levels of the virus and a negative result, the agency said.

About 3,700 people in Sweden were told in error that they had the coronavirus due to a fault in a COVID-19 testing kit from China, the Public Health Agency has said.

“The supplier must adjust the performance that is required for this test to be used,” Karin Tegmark Wisell, the head of its microbiology department, said.

UK daily stats show 1,184 new confirmed cases of COVID-19

Sixteen people died after testing positive for the coronavirus within the previous 28 days, compared with four deaths announced on Monday.

The United Kingdom has recorded 1,184 new cases of COVID-19 in the latest daily statistics published, up from 853 on Monday, government figures showed.

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