Live Update: Biden Seeks To Unseat Trump As Voting Start In America

According to reports, two small towns in the northeastern state of New Hampshire start the vote with their traditional midnight opening of polling stations in two.

Trump and Biden

 First US Election Day Votes In New Hampshire

A village of 12 resident, as voters in Dixvile in the US state of New Hampshire, start their election day in the midnight by voting unanimously for Democratic nominee which is Joe Biden.

President Donald Trump who seeking a Secord term got no vote, the vote and count only took a few minute, with five voters for Joe Biden.

However, the tiny northeastern town in the middle of the forest near the Canadian border, has proved as the traditionally voted “first in the nation” since 1960, report says.

Also, not only New Hampshire start midnight vote, the neighboring village Millsfield also begins voting at midnight but a third village in the area, cancel overnight voting due to the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Trump and Biden challenge for court battle

Biden and Trump made last ditch push for votes as their campaigns prepared for post-election disputes that could prolong a divisive presidential election.

Trump said, by telling reporters about the Pennsyvania’s plans to court mail ballots that arrive up to three days after election day would only lead to widespread cheating.

But, Donald Trump has hereby urged the US Supreme Court to reconsider its decision on the mail ballots. But the court has left that possibility open.

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