Live Update: Joe Biden To Address The Country On Friday

The Democratic party Biden To Address The Country On Friday

The former vice president, Joe Biden who content for the 2020 presidential election will address the country on Friday night, said by his campaign.

Joe Biden has been monitoring the results from his home city of Wilmington, Delaware, however the campaign did not release further details or timings of the address.

Joe Biden increases lead in Nevada

After Biden leads in Pennsylvania, he has increased his lead once again over Trump in Nevada to 20,137 votes.

Democrat heavy Clark County released the results on Friday, it include some states like Las Vega and three quarters of Nevada’s population along with two rural counties.

With all this put Biden at 627,104 votes and Trump at 606,967. Joe Biden leads nearly doubled from Thursday, as he was leading Trump by 11,000 votes.

Donald Trump passes Obama’s vote record after Biden

The Republican party Donald Trump has passed Obama’s 2008 vote record, after Biden passed that mark of the vote he got back then.

In the 2008 presidential election, Obama won 69,498,516 votes, making history at the time.

Trump had won 69,970,484 votes as of Friday, passing Obama by more than 470,000 votes. Meanwhile, Biden had 73,781,942, passing Obama’s record by 4.28 million votes.

In 2008 the votes was 212,313,508 increasing to 239,247,182 in 2020. The difference is about 26 million, and we can see this as improvement.

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