Live Update: Last Day To The Election Of United State Of America

The campaigning left a day, Biden, Trump to rally on final day of elections race.

Trump campaign in Warning days

The President of American Donald Trump campaign in warning days of the presidential race have pushed false narrative that votes counted after election day.

It was seen like evidence of malfeasance with the false narrative that votes counted after election day.

Trump slammed a supreme court on Sunday ruling that allowed Pennsylvania to court mail ballots that arrive three days after election day.

Trump said, if they are postmarked by election day. “We should know the result of the election on November 3rd.

That is the way it has been, and that is how it should be. The Trump senior adviser, Jason Miller has predicted that results earlier in the day, saying Trump would show with an electoral college victory, and if the results of the election change in the following days, definitely votes are counted, and it;s evidence of Democrats trying to “steal” the election.

The narrative pushed by the campaign is false on several counts.

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