Mali President Keita Resigns After Military Mutiny

The Malian’s president Keita who mutinying soldiers was forced to resigned, the soildiers said they will hold new elections within a reasonable time.

Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, Mali’s president resigned late on Tuesday hours after mutinying soldiers seized him and his PM from their home following months of mass protests from the citizen against alleged corruption and worsening security in the West African country.

According to report, however, president Keita resignation, departure was met with jubilation by anti-government demonstrators which shows they don’t want him anymore.

But the leaders of the military coup said they would enact a political and stage elections within a reasonable time to conduct a peaceful election.

Keita announced his decision to step down in a brief address on national broadcaster ORTM at around midnight. Looking tired and wearing a surgical mask, the 75-year-old said his resignation – three years before his final term was due to end – was effective immediately.

Keita also declared the dissolution of his government and National Assembly to the Mali citizens.

Since our armed force want this to end through their intervention, do i really have a choice? the answer is no, because that’s what they want….Keita said from a military base in Kati outside the capital Bamako where he and his prime minister Boubou Cisse had been detailed earlier in the day.

“I wish there is no blood to be shed to keep me in power, he said,” so….i have made up my mind and decided to step down from office in order to avoid crisis in the country.

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