Maradona Is Not Dead – Fans Chanted As The Coffin Was Taken To Cemetery

After Diego Maradona passed away of a heart attack in a house outside Buenos Aires where he had been recovering from a brain operation, he then buried on Thursday in a private ceremony attended by only two dozen people.

According to reports, only family members and close friends were allowed at Jardi Bella Vista cemetery for the final religions ceremony and burial of Diego next to the graves of his parents.

But, earlier the day when about tens of thousands of weeping fans filled past his coffin for hours and like honours with the chaos of a rowdy stadium, and fans keep waving Argentina flags as they gathered along roads as Maradona’s funeral car drove by under heavy security.

So many people tried to touch the vehicle whenever it was stopped by traffic, but all their effort was abortive.

Diego Maradonal’s family wished and the body of the Argentinian icon was taken away for burial, and it frustrating many who were waiting to pay respects and causing new tensions at the gate of the cemetery, this happened earlier viewing at the Argentinian presidential mansion was halted shortly before 6pm.

Fans began to sang soccer anthems as they formed a line that stretched more than 20 blocks from the plaza de Mayo, where Argentinians gathered to celebrate the Maradona-led triumph in the 1986 World Cup.

The police moved to cut off the back end of the crowd, with the time for viewing the coffin at the presidential palace drawing short, and then it turned out that fans hurled rocks and other objects at officers, who responded with rubber bullets.

The crowd overwhelmed organizers and the violence resulted in injuries and arrests, which led Maradona’s family to end the public visitation. The casket was placed in a car that carried the former footballer’s name on a paperboard by the window.

And Maradona’s fans climbed on the fences of the presidential mansion as if they were in a soccer stadium, firefighters worked really hard to clear the ground.

It Hard to say goodbye, Diego is not dead, Maradona lives in the people,” people chanted as the coffin was taken to a cemetery outside Buenos Aires.

The motorcade, accompanied by police, was followed on a local highway by dozens of honking cars and motorcycles.

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