More Than 100 Pilots And Engineers Got Sacks By Bristow Helicopters

The Bristow Helicopters announced the sacks of over 100 pilots and engineers, as the aviation company also said it had engaged with the National Association of Aircraft pilots and Engineers (NAAPE) to negotiate a fair and equitable redundancy compensation for those affected.

Industry sources said this might be a reaction to the picketing and grounding of the company’s operations on Monday by the union over alleged discrimination against Nigerian pilots and engineers.

According to the statement by its management, made it know that it based on decision on the severe impact of COVID-19, while the business has been affected and would use the period to restructure all aspects of its business model.

The aviation industry have been affected through the spread of Covid-19 virus, including our market, which primarily serves the Nigerian oil and gas sector.

The effects of these arising virus have resulted in very significant reductions to our business most especially, as a result of that, the company must restructure all aspects of its business model.

“One of these measures includes the right sizing of the business to ensure that the company has the optimal level of personnel to continue the safe delivery of its services to its clients, whilst allowing the appropriate capacity for future growth. Accordingly, and with much regret, the company has taken the very difficult decision to release over 100 pilots and engineers (both nationals and expatriates) over the next couple of weeks.”

The company which had operated in Nigeria for over 40 years said that it would comply with the labour laws of disengagement for those whose jobs were relieved.

The company must now take this painful, but decisive step to ensure the continuity of its business and delivery of essential services to its clients,” the company added.

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